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First World Beauty Problems is written by Nicola Wood, who has been obsessed with all things beauty from a very young age. Raised in Melbourne and based in Sydney, Nicola writes First World Beauty Problems from her studio in Paddington, often getting distracted by the shops nearby. For the last five years, Nicola reported the traffic from the chopper for Sunrise in Sydney on Channel 7 and then on various radio stations in the afternoon, which left her with the middle of the day to try the latest lipsticks and hair products. At the beginning of 2015, she decided to jump back to the ground and try lipsticks and hair products at all times of the day, which doesn’t seem to make her as air-sick, yet travel time has increased. She dreams of writing a book, launching a make-up line, presenting her own TV show, living in Paris speaking fluent French, learning how to fly and cutting down on McDonald’s breakfast. If only the latter of those dreams happen, it’s still a win.


Nicola created First World Beauty Problems as a response to a chorus of girlfriends continually asking what primer is and how to curl their hair. It acts as a guide and a reference that girls can go back to when they need and share with friends. Think of Nicola as your girlfriend, chatting to you and answering your life-threatening, jaw-dropping and most pressing beauty questions, which we ALL have. There’s enough seriousness in the world for us to know that our beauty problems are nothing more than First World Problems; but with a little perspective, humour and sarcasm, we still need to know how to fix our fake tan and get through the First World day. If only all the problems were First World Beauty Problems…they’re much easier to fix.