“But what do YOU use?”

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Honestly, this question is ongoing. My friends will say “I like this for my skin and this for my tan, but what do YOU use? You must have all kinds of products that you think are good – what are they?” We’re always searching for the next new thing, new idea or recommendation that comes from someone we think has got it goin’ on. I do this myself, all the time. I am continually asking girls (and sometimes boys) what they’ve used on their hair, skin, nails etc etc etc. Sometimes the answers make me smile patronisingly on the inside and I just nod and other times, I’m so impressed and and excited to try a new thing that I have a new found appreciation for that friend or family member (yes, I am that easily swayed into friendship). Here’s 3 problems solved for the week ahead – cool hair, what brushes to use and how to glow.

For when you think ‘I just want my hair to look a bit cooler and messy’:

You know when you look at the effortless locks of Victoria Secrets models and firstly think ‘I need to stop eating solids’ and then think ‘how awesome does their hair look?’ Or when you do your own hair and spend all this time blow drying it or making it wavy and it still doesn’t come out looking effortlessly cool?

photo (153)

It’s probably because you’re not using Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. I can’t sing the praises of this spray enough – it’s basically a hair spray, dry shampoo and texturizing spray all in one, which is one of the reasons it’s such a cult classic. That, and the fact that it works. I wouldn’t say it’s strength is adding volume; rather adding some grip and grit to your hair that helps it stay in that effortless messy style. It absorbs the oil (need that, as who has time to continually wash?!) and gives you hair a bit more definition, if you’re going for that ‘model-off-duty’ look or looking for extra compliments. You’ll get them.

photo (90)

For when you need to add a little bit of extra dewiness and brightness to your skin:

You know when you see girls with that flawless skin that seems to catch the light and reflect nothing but health, goodness and beauty? And they’re not wearing lots of make-up – it appears to be their actual skin that’s glowing and not the layers upon layers of powders. It’s that look that you have to question ‘are they just a massive babe or have they used something that I can buy too?’

photo (152)

The answer is yes, you can buy that too. My secret balm that I’m pretty obsessed with is Bobbi Brown Extra Illunimating Moisture Balm. I don’t have the best skin in the world and I certainly wake-up looking very differently to how I appear in public, yet each time I use this product I have someone saying ‘wow you have such good skin!’ and I pretend that ‘yep, I really do’. I don’t use much, because I’d rather not look like I have a strobe light coming out of my face, yet just enough to catch the light on the top of my cheekbones (or what I pretend are my cheekbones by using this stuff) so I beam with health while still being pretty embarrassingly unhealthy. It’s creamy, it stays on all day and it’s worth trying if you’re not a make-up pro (‘strobing’ still sounds like a dance move to me) but want to keep up with the cool kids (ie me).

photo (10)

I need to buy some more hair brushes yet have no idea what will be best for my hair and what I want to do:

Remember when a hair brush was just a hair brush? It had one function – taking knots out and making you look neat. Then, all of a sudden (for me it was probably when I started paying for my own haircuts and realised I needed to invest in my head) brushes became a thing. Especially for those of you with long annoying hair like me – you need one to take out the knots, one to blow dry with, one to back comb with, one to find your part, one to take in your handbag, one for when you’re trying to look sleek and straight, one to blend in your dry shampoo and one for when you just need to brush your hair. Exhausting! Yet easy…

Finish Range Group 2

I’m a little in love with Scunci‘s range of brushes that I was recently introduced to and has now changed my belief that all I needed was a windsor brush and be done with the rest. I began testing all the brushes from the Prepare (the blue ones), Style (the red ones), Finish (pink ones) and Retouch (yellow) ranges, and realised that I’ve been quite an idiot using one brush for everything, when I could have been using upwards of 7 for all my specific needs! It’s kind of like only owning a yellow highlighter when you could have pink, orange, green and blue to distinguish between all your important to-do list things! It’s the kind of stuff OCD’s dream of and organizational nerds salivate over. When my hair is damp and knotty, I use the Prepare Wet Hair Detangling Brush (the big blue paddle brush) which doesn’t hurt my poor bleached head and thankfully doesn’t come away with a ridiculous amount of my hair in it.

Style Group

I blow dry with the Style XL Volume Brush (the big red round brush) that’s a great size for my long hair and gives great lift at the roots. I find my part with the end of the Finish Back-combing Brush (little skinny pink brush), which I then use for it’s main function – back combing at the roots to give me that Southern-belle-blow-out. If I was styling my hair straight, sexy and sleek, I’d use the Style Straightening Brush (flat red clasp brush) with my straightener, which actually works like a pretend straightener on it’s own without the heat and $300+ price tag. When I’m blending in my dry shampoo (or my touch-up roots products because I’m getting grey as a mule) I use the clever Prepare Dry Shampoo Brush (amazing cool blue brush) that has 2 different kind of bristles – tight small bristles in the middle to smudge in product and then wider spaced comb like ends to brush through the messiness into a neat style, which I think is pure genius. Hope someone got a promotion for that one.

photo (151)

I carry the little Retouch Mini Round Brush (the mini yellow one) in my bag for touch-ups, as the minute I leave the house I tend to look homeless in a matter of minutes and if I actually need to brush my dry, styled hair (I know – so weird) I use the funny looking Long Hair and Extention Brush (the large pink flat round brush) that again, doesn’t take half my hair out while brushing out knots, which is high on my priority list as I swear to God, my hair falls out the more I age and I can’t keep calling plumbers to un-clog the sink/shower and pretend for too much longer that ‘I have no idea why this keeps happening?!’
Prepare Group