Do you need to sort out your bedroom and bathroom?

August 3, 2016 by nicola - No Comments

I’ve got a little question to ask you. Well, 44 little questions to be exact. I want to know about your bedroom. And I want to know about your bathroom. And while I’m being completely intrusive, I also want to know about what’s in your makeup bag and what you need help with. I’m like one of the girls on the Bachelor trying to steal one-on-one time with you at a rose ceremony. Think of me just saying ‘oh, do you mind if I cut in here?’ and slip this link at your eye level:

Create your own user feedback survey

If that’s a bit difficult to do on your phone, try this link:

Anything you have to tell me is invaluable – no right or wrong answers here. Well, maybe a few, but don’t worry, you’ll only know they’re wrong when I do my piece to camera like the Bachelor girls and say how uncool it was that you used the white rose, because I so totally wouldn’t do that because morals, standards and ‘I’m a good person’.

It’s important to note that I’m writing this while watching The Bachelor and it’s near impossible to think of any other examples that aren’t #bachie related.