First World Beauty Problem: How do I go BLONDE?

June 14, 2016 by nicola - No Comments

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I’ve certainly had a turbulent relationship with my hair. I hate my curls then I want to embrace my curls, I hate the frizz but then I want it to be natural and I hate my natural hair colour so I want to be completely different…and it’s all come at a cost. You may have read my previous complains here, here or here with my never ending suggestions of solutions. The problem of taking my brunette locks to blonde has been difficult in the past – not only did my hair come out orange but it was so frail and weak I’m lucky it remained on my head. I then started researching the best colourists, salons and products in Sydney, knowing that the solution was out there and I was either going to find it or be bald. My head shape and lack of contouring knowledge really wouldn’t lend itself well to rocking the bald look, so luckily for me I found Kristina Russell who works out of Edwards and Co. and uses the best products available for blondies from EVO and OLAPLEX.


I’ve gushed about Kristina’s talents here but to truly understand her greatness, you need to watch the process. She explains what she is doing, what she is using and most importantly, what I have to do to maintain her work. Hair homework is almost as important as the initial process. If you think about it, it’s almost a slap in the face if you don’t go away and respect the work done to your hair. Likewise, if you went to a seminar and didn’t put any of the advice into action and then wondered why your life isn’t changing or you got a PT and ate McDonald’s continually and then wondered why you weren’t fit or if you got a new car and never serviced it and wondered why all those lights on the dash keep flashing at you. So I had to put advice into action, stop eating McDonald’s, service my car and do my hair homework or else I’d remain the girl who complained her hair was bad, her life wasn’t changing, she wasn’t fit and her car keeps beeping funny noises like it wants ‘oil’ or ‘coolant’.


Kristina’s hair homework for me was based around ensuring my blonde hair wasn’t damaged by using OLAPLEX, ensuring no orange tones comes through with EVO toner and making sure I treated my hair respectfully by using tools (like my EVO brush) that didn’t ruin her work. Thank-GOODNESS I listened as today, I still have strong, healthy hair and haven’t seen an orange tone for as long as I haven’t seen a car service light flashing.

Step into Edwards and Co. with me and enjoy ‘First World Beauty Problem: How do I go BLONDE?’ featuring Kristina Russell, with an insiders look at how those beauty girls manage to look so polished, finished and flawless. It takes hours, an army and patience, but you can do it too if you remember to do your homework, get your car serviced and stop eating McDonald’s.