I’m sick and tired of people not using the words ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ to talk about me.

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SOLUTION: One colour can change this – RED. Red lips are the hardest to pull off, but if done correctly, you will be the most smokin’ hot babe going around. Perfect red lips say: “I’m awesome and confident because I’m wearing the hardest possible colour ON MY FACE and I’m winning at life right now”. Red lips that aren’t done correctly say: “I really want to be awesome and confident but I haven’t read a blog yet on how to do red lips” – so let me help you.



Red lips can be tricky, because the colour can bleed out of your lips and all over your face, leaving you looking ridic. This is why you need a good base to keep everything in place. Make sure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized, because red lipstick will highlight every little thing on your lips, and sexy girls don’t have anything on their lips (except naughty words and sweet nothings).

Make sure you’ve already done your primer/foundation/powder and have everything around your lips secured – a good way to stop the red creeping out is to put concealer around your lips, tracing a line (and obviously blending with the rest of your gorgeous, flawless ready-to-go face) with a concealer brush all the way around, so you really tell that lipstick who’s boss. Don’t go crazy on the concealer, or you’ll look like you have a mad mo, which is only hot and sexy for Ryan Gosling.


Line your lips with a red liner, and do this after you’ve concealed around your lips. This is absolutely essential to making sure everything stays in place and you look like a total pro. Don’t go crazy in the corners of your lips, or else you’ll look like you have some fun little cold sores, which really doesn’t scream ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’. It screams “don’t kiss me, because you could get it too”.

Get sexy!

The best way to put on red lipstick is with a lip brush. Less is more (and I literally NEVER say that) in this case, because if you have too much on, it will sink into all the wrong places and not look as smooth. Grab your lip brush and dab it on the top of your red lipstick or lip pallet – I always start on the bottom lip, from the outside in. Paint in the lines you’ve already drawn yourself and pay attention to dabbing and pressing the brush into your lips – you want this colour to stay, because the colour will make you HOT.

Seal that sexy in!

Glossing over your red lips is the final “I am amazing” stage of the red lip process. You can use clear gloss or a gloss with red already in it. Use the gloss sparingly, as you can re-apply again and again (and again). The gloss is the SEXY part – it creates the sparkle, the dazzle and creates the interest in you of every single boy in the room, mixed with the bitchiness of every single girl. Own it.

Re-touch and keep the illusion going alllllllll night…

Touch-ups are absolutely vital for red lips. Yes, it’s annoying and yes, it’s time consuming – but if you’ve done everything right in the first place, the touch-up should be quite quick and easy. Take the gloss and red lipstick with you and when in the bathroom, dab your lips with a paper towel (to ensure they are smooth and kissable) and dab the lipstick on, then you can blend it all back in with the gloss. Keep this up, and you’ll get a nickname with ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’ in it.