I’m worried that when people see that I have dry lips, they won’t want to pash me

August 15, 2013 by nicola - 1 Comment

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SOLUTION: Dry lips will be the death of me. If there was one thing I could fix about my body, so I would never ever have to maintain it again, it wouldn’t be hair removal, it wouldn’t be tanning, it wouldn’t be manicures – it would be so that my lips were NEVER dry. From around the age of 7, I have always had a lip balm in my possession. When I think of my childhood, I can basically smell strawberry Chap Sticks. I even had a full Lip Smacker necklace that I wore with moisturized-pride and an Anna Sui gloss ring (that I still have). I’m surprised I didn’t faint the day Lip Smackers released the range with glitter and a high gloss – probably an early sign that I was in store for a long love affair with lip balms. I don’t think I will ever find a lip balm that I call my favourite, just like I’ll never decide on the best gelato from Messina, but I’ll never stop looking. I have had people try to tell me that the only reason I’m so addicted to lip balms is because I’ve basically trained my lips to need it, so now, they don’t know how to moisturize themselves. To anyone that says this to me, I reply with ‘whatever – I’m in the situation now and you’re not offering me a solution’, which is what you should say too. My solution to dry lips is to ALWAYS have lip balm – in your bag, next to your bed, in the bathroom, in your car – I’d rather be slightly inconvenienced by finding lip balms everywhere than to have dry lips. And as a result, I don’t worry about people wanting to pash me. And nor will you.

You and I probably have dry lips for a number of reasons – one being the old dehydrated excuse. Simple solution is to drink water – I hear it’s really good for you. Maybe you lick your lips? Probably worth stopping that, because licking your lips isn’t as sexy as you think it is and it’s working to your detriment. Maybe they’re burnt from the sun? Wear balm with sunscreen. Maybe you’re putting foundation all over them when you do your makeup and it’s drying them out? I do that too – and I’ll probably continue to do that, so just be aware that you’re not doing yourself any favours.

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Everyone has owned a Chap Stick in their lives. They are a go-to. They are as familiar and comfortable as a home-cooked meal. The reason they have stuck around is because they work – even when all the label has scratched off and you’re getting the last bits out with your pinky. Small, easy and convenient – it’s hard to imagine Chap Sticks improving…but they have. Chap Sticks are getting pretty cool now and have a Day/Night pack, which I would say is self explanatory. Day has SPF15 and Night is just a mask of beautiful balm that gives you sweet dreams. They also have Lipkits now, where you can get your favourite classics together in these adorable little tins – and I’m a complete sucker for a novelty lip balm tin.

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Carmex is the balm that you use when your lips are dying. It’s the one you use when you’re sick or when you start to get those little cracks on the side of your mouth. The little tub with the yellow lid should look like a lip rescue – it can tingle a little and I wouldn’t call the smell beautiful…but it’s worth its weight in gold. Yellow gold, obviously.



I only started on Blistex when Carmex was sold out. There are a million people I know who completely swear by Blistex, and they’re not so crazy. Like Carmex, Blistex is your go-to when your lips are a horrible mess. Picture it next to tissues or in the bathroom. Blistex have a complete range of tubes and colours and all kinds of things, yet I stick to the original tub, because that’s what they’re best at. It’s not going to make your cold sores disappear, but it certainly will take away the cracks.



Lanolips as a cult following, which I love being part of. The main ingredient in this magic little tube is a natural substance taken from freshly shorn sheep’s wool, so it’s basically hugging your lips like a lovely woolen cardigan. The winner is the 101 Ointment – I don’t know what I did before owning this little tube. You’ll need to really press this balm into your lips because it’s a little hard and melts it’s way in – but it leaves such a lovely thick gloss layer over your lips that keeps them moisturized for ages. No chemicals, no additives, hypoallergenic and safe for babies – this balm is an absolute lifesaver. I love it.

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You probably used Lucas Papaw Ointment before you could walk, talk or sit up. It’s almost expected to see this little red tube in a handbag, bathroom or bedside table. I don’t use my paw paw ointment for my lips so much as I do for my hands, cuticles and even sometimes under my eyes, but it certainly does the trick when you need a quick hit of moisture.

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This little lip balm I originally got because I am the easiest person to up-sell to in the world. I’m the girl that will buy lollies at the register and upsize for $1 because I’m very easily excited. I was in Napoleon to buy a little refill of China Doll when I spotted this little cutie, which is designed to go on before lipstick. I loved how silky smooth it made my lips and started using it before bed. It’s a lovely little staple and smells like bubblegum – and if you don’t like the smell of bubblegum, you probably don’t like puppies, sunshine and smiling either.



I think this lip balm was one of my first ‘my lips are in trouble and I need more than strawberry lip smackers’ kind of purchases. It’s designed to protect in extensive weather conditions and it caught my eye over the little tubs of lip butter that I was always so in love with because of the smell. Hemp oil is high in Omega 3 and one of the richest plant sources of essential fatty acids, which helps smooth and restore dry skin. This little winner smells lovely too – smells like you’re making a difference.



With Avocado oil, shea and cocoa seed butters and all kinds of fun little non-artificial ingredients, this balm is aimed to block free radicals that cause early aging – and I’m all about keeping my lips young! Not surprisingly, I discovered this balm thanks to an excitable up-sale when investing in the Dermalogica skincare range after a facial. I love Dermalogica’s mission to educate people about their own skin through means of skin-mapping and generally speaking, promoting their product as the future of your skin, not a luxury. I’m on board with that! And I want my lips to have a good future too.



I’m not embarrassed to admit it, but the only reason I know about this balm is because of Kim Kardashian’s Twitter. I want to scream with excitement at how CUTE they are, how gorgeous they smell and how they actually have brilliant ingredients in them and are paraben and petrolatum free! Sure, the execution may not be fantastic when you’re awkwardly rubbing this ball on your face, but because you’re smiling when you do and explaining how Kim Kardashian uses it too, the design is easily forgiven.



Like Lucas Paw Paw, Burt’s Bees has quite a following. With the beeswax sealing in hydration, my little go-to is the Beeswax Lip Balm Tin. It has a peppermint-y tinge to it, which I love because I like to think it doubles as a kissable refresher. Burt’s Bees have been around since 1984 (as candles!) then added their classic balm in 1991 to the line, which still stands as their best selling product today. Hard to argue with that background – the busy little bees are obviously doing something right and I’ll continue to stay on their bandwagon.



You’ve seen this one before – it’s been around since pharmacist George F. Smith created it in 1892. Way back when, George may have thought the tin probably seemed like a good idea, but I do struggle opening this little baby for easy access. It’s another one of the all-rounder balms, yet on the lips it’s phenomenal. It even leaves a light flattering rose tint on your lips, which for a balm earns points in my books. And the scent is just gorgeous. Who doesn’t like roses?!


Never fear about dry lips again! As you can see, there are a BILLION options available to you and they will work, if you continue to drink water, stop licking your lips, pay attention to the elements and maybe calm down on all the pashing. However, it may be difficult now, because you’ll have such gorgeous lips. Even I want to kiss them.

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