FWBP Beauty Events Feb 2015 (16th – 20th)

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It was a wonderful week on the First World Beauty Problems Beauty Event calender, with lots to learn and lots to try. I find nothing more exciting than walking away from a presentation with information I’m absolutely dying to share, with facts I’d never heard and with a new found understanding of the mission and idea behind a brand I may have taken for granted in the past. Firstly, I spent time listening to ‘the man who would stop time’, Dr Bill Andrews with INSKIN Cosmedics and the launch of the 1Truth818 Anti-Ageing Serum, which left me reading his book in the back of a cab on the way home. Then, I was delighted to join M.A.C Cosmetics for high tea before their brilliant Instant Artistry event in Pitt Street Mall, before getting home for an early night before I headed off to Cockatoo Island with Trilogy for yoga at the Wanderlust Festival before breakfast and moisturiser-making. Like I said, I’ve been dying to share what I’ve come away with…and that doesn’t just mean the samples.


Thursday, 19th February 2015 – INSKIN Cosmedics Launch

Bright and early on Thursday morning, beauty media attended a beautiful roaming breakfast at Sydney’s QT Hotel, where we mingled and chatted before heading into the Market Room to have the honour of listening to Sierra Sciences founder Dr Bill Andrews, who taught us more than we thought possible over orange juice. Before Dr Andrew’s presentation, I had never heard the word ‘telomeres’ (the best way I can explain it without my PhD, is that it’s the protective cap, not unlike the tip at the end of a shoelace, at the end of our DNA chromosomes) nor had I bothered to think about what would happen to me when my telomeres got short, yet as Dr Andrews informed us all “bad things happen when telomeres get short”. Thankfully, I understood that bit pretty well. He explained that as we age, our telomeres shorten, leaving us susceptible to diseases and of course, age-related health problems. And by the sounds of it, unless Dr Andrews works out the solution, we won’t live longer than 125. Dedicating his life’s work to what he called an “obsession” with curing ageing, his clinic, Sierra Sciences has already invested over $33 million into finding the specific chemical composition that will prevent and reverse ageing related diseases, with the added bonus of living for a little longer, as Dr Andrews mentioned he was quite the fan of life (obviously).

photo (12)

After taking more notes than I should have with the fear of Uni tutorials still in me 8 years later that Dr Andrews may question what I had understood from his presentation (which is A LOT, I PROMISE) we then moved into his latest development, the TAM-818 chemical, which helps prevent those pesky little telomeres from shortening and in turn, reversing the ageing process. INSKIN Cosmedics founder Marie Enna-Cocciolone addressed media with excitement, as we were really beginning to understand that the launch of 1Truth818 Anti-Ageing Serum with the addition of the TAM-818 secret wasn’t just an Australian first, but a world first that will revolutionise the treatment of skin ageing.

photo (11)

Beauty media were given a bottle of the new 1Truth818 Anti-Ageing Serum to take home and try, and if I start seeing results like the 100 people who participated in independent clinical testing, I will be one smokin-hot Grandmother one day. It’s not cheap, but with $33 million of research behind it, you wouldn’t really expect it to be. It will most likely reduce in price when you’re lucky enough to still be living, thanks to Dr Andrews. The event was enlightening, eye-opening and certainly left me walking away with more than a bottle of serum, but also a hope for more than just my face.

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Thursday, 19th February 2015 – M.A.C Instant Artistry Event

Anything M.A.C do, they do it amazingly well. They’re the brand you trust for your first professional make-up application before an event, they’re the go-to for products that you know will do exactly what they claim and they certainly bring the fun and colour back into cosmetics. This is why the M.A.C Instant Artistry Event was so exciting to see first hand, as it offered an opportunity to the public to learn make-up skills in minutes, consult with renowned make-up artists, watch live demonstrations and watch custom video content that they could then email themselves to ensure the look can be done without with stunning M.A.C girls and their nimble hands.

photo (15)

Before all this, a small selection of beauty media were treated to a high tea at the Westin Sydney, where we chatted about the amazing Mineralize eye shadow, the life-saving Prep and Prime FIX + and of course, eye liners brighter than my year 10 formal corset, all while snacking on an absolute delicious selection of savory and sweet delights and champagne. As I mentioned, M.A.C really do everything amazingly well. Back in Pitt Street Mall, we saw M.A.C Australia Senior Artists Nicole Thompson and Carol Mackie publicly demonstrate the signature M.A.C looks, pulling a crowd that only the M.A.C artists could do.

photo (14)

During the event, I was treated to a free 15-minute consult, where my eyes were lined blue, my cheekbones were found again (it had been a long day and I really necked that champagne back at the Westin) and I had the most wonderfully full and defined brows, with a brow mascara colour slightly lighter than my own – a trick I hadn’t yet tried. It was so fun to experience the fun of make-up again and just play. M.A.C always reminds me that I’m basically an adult still playing with toys; now the toys are wearable, highlight my features and put a little spring in my step (like lego never could).

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Friday, 20th February – Trilogy Wanderlust Festival Yoga

I couldn’t have spent my Friday morning any better if I tried, and I’ve had some wonderful Friday mornings. I certainly found my ‘true North’ following an experience at Sydney’s Wanderlust Festival; a multi-day yoga festival that brings together the world’s leading yoga teachers, musical acts and speakers combining nature and mindfulness. It’s no wonder why Trilogy, the certified natural and certified organic skincare brand you’ve all used at one time or another, decided to act as the official Beauty Bar sponsor during the festival – the community couldn’t be more fitting. And luckily for beauty media, this meant a trip to enlightenment on the way to breakfast.

photo (17)

Catching a water-taxi over to Cockatoo Island while sipping on specially made fermented white tea with chia seeds (which certainly tasted better than the description), we arrived on the Island feeling the warmth of the sun. We walked to a specially set-up yoga class, found our positions on the ethical and natural Mukti yoga mats (that we got to take home!!) and began the morning of zen. I won’t lie and say I was ‘good’ at the class by any means (balance, gracefulness and core strength aren’t talents I was born with) yet I certainly left feeling absolutely wonderful, when I expected to feel sore and embarrassed.

photo (20)

After a spritz of Trilogy’s hydrating mist toner, we were led to a breathtaking breakfast by Egg of the Universe, which was more pure and organic than most babies’ food. Accompanied by nothing less than a green smoothie in a jar, we listened to Trilogy’s global sales and marketing manager and in-house beauty expert Corinne Morley, who explained the partnership between Trilogy and Wanderlust Festival as a common bond in embracing the wellness movement. We then heard about Trilogy’s amazingly successful ‘Share the Magic’ campaign, where subscribers and fans of the Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ were encouraged to ‘pass on the secret’ to family and friends. Since the campaign launch this month, over 25,000 mini sample bottles (2.5mL) have been sent in packages of 10 and distributed – I myself paying it forward to friends and becoming quite popular in the process. (Not surprisingly, all samples have now been claimed, yet it’s worth staying tuned to Trilogy’s website for upcoming exclusive offers).

photo (18)

Trilogy was founded by sisters Catherine de Groot and Sarah Gibbs, who developed the world’s first rosehip oil range thirteen years ago. Now a staple in most of our bathroom cabinets, the ingredient has been key to the brand’s ongoing success. In an effort to make an already flawless product even better, Trilogy released the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ 3 years ago, which has now become the brand’s best selling product (which you’ll understand why when someone pays it forward to you). Combining the skin-rejuvenating benefits of certified natural and organic rosehip with potent antioxidants to form Trilogy’s trademarked formulation – Rosapene, there aren’t too many products on the market that can rival Trilogy’s dedication to natural skincare. Nor is there any reason for concern that beauty media present on the day may start making their own skincare, as we were also given the opportunity to make our very own moisturisers…yet giggled more at the sound of air escaping than concentrating on the task at hand. As I learnt, enlightenment doesn’t always equal maturity, yet the smile didn’t leave my (radiant and glowing) face.

photo (19)


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