FWBP Beauty Events Feb 2015 (23rd – 27th)

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This week saw a solution to a #firstworldbeautyproblem that literally has no cure – cold sores. Sufferers, you’ll be SO happy to learn what has been launched for you! And Ole Henriksen has launched in Sephora!

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Wednesday, 25th February 2015 – EgoPharm New Product Launch

Over breakfast at the extremely trendy, extremely cool and extremely delicious delights of the Devon Cafe in Sydney’s Surry Hills, beauty media were spoilt for choice with fresh antioxidant-rich, skin-lowing juices and amazing Devon fruit granola bowls before the most amazing eggs blini I’ve ever had. We were there to hear what was the latest development out of Ego Pharmaceuticals labs, so we knew we were getting something that was either going to solve a skin problem or give much needed to relief to existing problems. As a sensitive skin sufferer, I was all ears.

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The launch was for ViraproX – a new 3 step protection defence against cold sores. In a collective breath of relief, 76% of Australians who suffer from the dreaded HSV Type 1 virus started running towards stores. It can be difficult to understand the sheer and utter pain of a cold sore with you have been lucky enough to coast through life without one, yet in an effort to get you to relate, it’s the feeling of having the flu and not remembering what it was like to be well again, combined with the shame and embarrassment of a sore ON YOUR FACE that happens to be contageous, then combined with the actual pain and discomfort of blisters, tingling and itchiness and THEN combined with the knowledge that there is no cure, so this moment of total horror will happen again.


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EgoPham to the rescue with a product that not only prevents cold sores from happening, yet also reacts to heal them in such event. Of course, avoiding your cold sore ‘triggers’, such as stress, anxiety, not enough sleep and sun exposure to name a few, are what suffers should be doing anyway to avoid the dreaded cold sore curse. If anyone other than the Dalai Lama has worked out how to avoid all these triggers, let me know, yet thankfully for us normal folk, we now have ViraproX to help us pretend the rest is under control. You can get your hands on a tube from April 1! Run don’t walk!

Thursday, 26th February 2015 – Ole Henriksen Launches at Sephora

There’s something about Sephora that brings me back to being that 19 year-old girl, who on her first time in New York, ventured into the Sephora store in Times Square and spent next to all her spending money on cosmetics and skincare. Hearing the bell ring and the staff cheer (possibly because I had single-handedly fed their families that week) was the most exciting experience, that it was completely worth cutting back on dinners. I was all about food for my face anyway, and walking back through the Sephora doors to celebrate the Australian launch of Ole Henriksen skincare, reminded me of just that.

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The man of the moment, Ole himself, came straight up to greet me with a kiss on both cheeks and quickly followed by a string of compliments of how amazing my skin was, how I was tall like a model and how beautiful my eyes were. Compliments will get you everywhere with me and from that point, I barely had to see the range to know that I would absolutely love it. While sipping on green smoothies and munching on fruit muesli, Ole worked the room like one of the Real Housewives of Melbourne – he was completely engaging, completely hilarious and was a walking advertisement for his range with his gorgeous glowing skin.

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Ole walked all the beauty bloggers through his journey, from making skincare in his kitchen when he first arrived in L.A to opening his own clinic on Sunset Boulevard, which has been operating for over 30 years. From Charlize Theron to Ellen, Michael Jackson to Jennifer Lopez, we were given the down-low on all the celebrity followers, and of course “they are all amazing”. Ole’s love for health and happiness and passion for natural ingredients gave life to his extensive range, which is easy to follow in clear, minimalist packaging and gentle enough to use on all skin types. Not surprisingly, the brand is one of Denmark’s most famous and Sephora’s best seller, with Ole’s personal favourite, the Truth Serum Collagen Booster basically walking out the door. The Power Peel you can do at home has earned him the nickname of the ‘Hollywood Peeling Guru’, yet I could think of some better nicknames for this gorgeous, larger-than-life personality and they all include the word ‘fabulous’. Luckily, his skincare is just as fabulous as he is, and you certainly won’t be disappointed when you try this one out for yourself. It’s the closest thing to actually bottling up his energy, which I would also buy if Sephora started stocking that.

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