How can I make my lip colour stay all day?

July 8, 2016 by nicola - No Comments

I stumbled across one of the most hilarious trends I’ve seen thus far in my pursuit for the longest staying lip tint (obviously a very noble cause) via Instagram. I saw links to YouTube clips of girls peeling off their lips to reveal a perfectly coloured pout underneath and knew I had to try. If there’s one thing I love more than makeup fads, it’s novelty factor. And this little tube is FULL OF IT. I researched madly about it, as there’s something about a peel-off lip colour with directions in Korean and most sellers promising ‘cheapest price’ with addresses in India that had me fearing for the pout. Luckily for me, I located a 3-pack available for sale from for $19.95 which is not only a site I trust, but two more than I expected.

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First a bit about – it’s a beauty subscription service that’s revolutionizing the way you discover, trial, test and purchase beauty products. You know how you subscribe to your favourite magazine or Foxtel or Netflix? It’s like that, but with beauty products. And you know how you end up buying a bunch of stuff ‘just to try’ and end up with an entire bathroom cabinet of products that either don’t suit or you didn’t like? Well this is the solution. You fill in a beauty profile so your bellabox can be a little more tailored to you, pay $15 (plus $2.95 shipping) a month and receive beauty products to try at home. And if after then you happen to love what you try, you can buy it from the site as well! Just like you can now buy this Monomola Lip Peel!

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When the little blue box arrived (annoyingly not the one with diamonds in it) I was pretty pumped. I headed straight to the bathroom to try out this magical gloss. I had stupidly read the ‘warnings’ of all that could have gone wrong – the people that peeled off their actual lip, the people that reported bleeding and the people that said their lips were so dry and cracked. Sounded like a bunch of BS to me, as I’m sure there are people that complain about mascara turning them blind and nail polish eating their hands, so you have to take those psycho reviews with a grain of salt, use your brain and don’t eat it or anything. I certainly ensured my lips were exfoliated with my favourite little Mecca lip scrub (because I ‘aint going to be a psycho reviewer) and was ready with a clear balm (my favourite little Carmex balm) for after. You apply an overly thick coat of the gloss to your lips – almost so much that you think it’s ridiculous. Stay in the lines, unless you want to look like a clown, then by all means, just put it all over your face. Keep your lips apart while the gloss is drying, or else they’ll keep sticking together and it makes you anxious like when your eyelash glue sticks your eyes shut (have honestly thought it’s been the end for me a few times now thanks to that). It depends on how thick your layer is, but after around 8 to 10 minutes (some YouTubers went as long at 20 minutes!!) you can peel it off. You want it to be dry, as if it’s still wet it will tint your fingers. Pick an end, peel off the top lip, peel off the bottom lip and take away any little excess pieces. You can then basically wipe your lips, as they’re completely stained. Apply some balm, as they may feel a little dry and it just adds to the colour a bit. VOILA!

To be honest, this tint absolutely stays. It looks really natural yet you can tell there’s a hint of colour. It’s fun and it’s hilarious to do with girlfriends, but it does take a bit of care, time and patience to get it right. If beauty and makeup is fun for you, then this is completely up your alley. If beauty and makeup is all about trying new tricks, then this is for you. If you’ve got the attention span of a goldfish and you just want to apply a lipstick and go, then firstly I’m surprised you’re still reading this far and secondly, this isn’t for you. Nor is this site. And nor is the above clip, where I chat all about it on Today EXTRA, as I’m sure I lost your attention early on.