How do I look like my hair was done in a salon?

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I absolutely LOVE getting my hair done. It’s long, it’s annoying to do myself and I’m notorious for getting bored during the process and walking away to eat or jump on my phone. However, I’m not delusional enough to think I can go to the hairdresser numerous times a week (yet…) and get a blow dry just so I can do more important things like microwave popcorn. Unless you’re treating yourself for those ‘special’ occasions (birthday/party/Thursday) you can totally get a hairdresser-worthy-style at home. I won’t lie – it will take a little longer than that bag of microwave popcorn, but the money you save is worth the time. As is the time you’ll then get back for not having to do your hair for a few days, as it will last. And I thought I’d use products mainly from one brand – AVEDA – so it was a one stop shop if you felt the need to copy me. If so, why don’t you just change your name to Nicola while you’re at it? My hairspray is Redkin (love those little travel sized winners), my brushes are Scunci and my clips are Lady Jayne for those playing at home and they are some staples I don’t like to do my hair without.

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So you know how second/third day hair is some of the best hair to work with? Well, you can make your hair second/third day dirty after you’ve washed it with product, just like a hairdresser does. Firstly, you shampoo and condition your hair, preferably with something that adds volume instead of fighting frizz (as those shampoo/conditioners tend to be a little heavier and make it a tiny bit harder to pump up your hair when it’s dry). When your hair is damp, you’ll need two things: AVEDA ‘phomollient’ Styling Foam (or mousse) and another product which may contradict what I just said earlier, a tiny bit of AVEDA Damage Remedy for your ends. I can’t really dry my hair without that (as my hair is coloured/split/damaged – yours may be in better shape and if so, don’t brag about – just quietly skip the third product and collect your medal) and I try to skip the heat-protector spray step, as this little wonder not only repairs your hair, but also protects from heat styling.

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Dry your hair off with a big round brush. Tip your head upside down, dry around the roots using your fingers to keep it moving and then once you flick back around, start drying it from the root with your big round brush in different directions. Your aim to get that body starting from the root – don’t worry too much about blowing the ends out; they just need to be dry, not perfect.

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Now that you’re dry, grab the absolutely addictive and unbelievable dry shampoo – AVEDA ‘shampure’ (ha! I really hope someone got promoted for that fab name). Mark the 1st of November 2015 in your dairy, as that’s when this little bottle of pure goodness will be available (and when I will be buying my back-ups, as this is now a new staple). It’s so very easy to use – you tip it upside down, aim at the root of the section you want to apply and give the bottle a little squeeze and it puffs out in a glorious cloud of sweetly scented dry shampoo/the thing that will be giving you some grip. I was generous with my application – I would say almost 7 puffs? And then I grabbed that big round brush again and did another quick blow dry blast to really seal that grit in my freshly cleaned hair. The calming aroma of the shampure comes from 25 pure flower and plant extracts, which is welcome during a stressful DIY blow dry.

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Find your part – then section off your hair into 4 parts according to where that part is. I was going for a fab side-part, so I sectioned off two parts at the front, then a smaller part as the top section and left the bottom to attack first. It doesn’t really matter how many sections you have here – depends on what kind of look you like. I’m particularly lazy so my sections are relatively big. Each section gets exactly the same treatment – a curl/smooth to a wave with your straightener (mine is the absolutely unbelievable GHD Platinum – it heats in seconds and glides down my hair so easily with new temperature control so my hair isn’t breaking all the time), spray hairspray from the root a few cms down and use your teasing comb to pull the hair up. Make sure your teasing from underneath – teasing is messy business so you want to hide your dirty work as much as possible. Repeat this process in sections all over your head. If you get bored, take some calls, jump on Facebook/Instagram or make a coffee, then come back and finish the job. Thanks to the spray and teasing, that ‘do isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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Your final touch-up doesn’t need hair spray (because your head is absolutely full of it underneath) yet a little light brush over the top to smooth it all into place, followed by a more thorough brush through the ends to get it all together will hide all the work to give the appearance of thick, effortless salon hair. Three products, three brushes, a hair dryer, a hair straightener and a bit of time and you’ll be saving blow dry money and gaining respect from envious fashionistas wondering how you can get salon-finished hair for every latte catch-up and like me, you’ll be ready for impromptu photo shoots before heading to a party so you look ultra glam #ijustwokeuplikethis

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