I can’t paint my own nails!

July 7, 2016 by nicola - No Comments

Sometimes my own laziness surprises me. I am always searching for ways to cut corners, save time and appear to have put in much more work than I actually have. This relates to my hair, my body, my makeup and my nails – basically anything that takes away effort yet stays on fleek is right up my alley. When it comes to nails, I’ve always assumed there aren’t too many ways around doing them myself or going to a salon. Painting my own nails can take time and patience, as I generally make mistakes while doing it and have to add on ‘panic time’ to the ‘dry time’. Getting my nails done professionally would be my option of choice, along with having a glam team that blow dries my hair, attaches false lases and takes unaware-natural shots for Insta, but who am I kidding. Until the day my glam team exists, I’ve got the world’s fastest and easiest manicure option at my fingertips (HA!).

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If you’re not familiar with Nails Inc. London, then you will be now with this WORLD FIRST: Nails Inc. Paint Can Spray. SPRAY ON NAIL POLISH (apologies for the caps lock; it’s hard not to use it when speaking about SPRAY ON NAIL POLISH). As I’m sure you could imagine, I was beside myself learning about this brilliant little innovation and had to get my badly-painted tips on a can. And I found it remarkably easy to use with results that had me beaming with all kinds of smug-corner-cutting pride.

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The process is simple: you paint your bare nail with a base coat first, prepping the nail. Once dried, you hold the Paint Can about 10-15cms from your nails and spray on your colour. Make sure you put a bit of paper or old towel down (even spraying over a sink worked out ok!) under your hand, because use your imagination. You know when your Mum used to yell at you for spray on instant fake tan that gets all over the bathroom? Well she’ll probably yell louder if you got nail polish all over it in the same way #sorrymum. Wait a few minutes for the colour to dry off and then you can apply a top coat, which gives shine and ensures your spray-on manicure will last up to 4 days. Once that top coat has dried, it’s excess wash-off time! I used warm soapy water to clean around my nail and take all the polish off my finger and then it was done – I had sprayed on my own manicure and had no idea what to do with all my free time. So I used that free time to have a chat about this epic little trick on Today EXTRA this week, demonstrating how clever I thought this product was and showing off my fun rings.

Paint Can is available at David Jones or Sephora in Australia at $33. I’m now spraying on my tan and spraying on my nails – if anyone knows how to spray on a full face of makeup, please contact nicola@firstworldbeautyproblems.com immediately.