“I could totally make my own lipstick” – said every girl when something doesn’t suit

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Girls can be tricky, confusing characters. We may be hungry but want someone else to choose what we eat or we may say ‘oh no I don’t need a present’ but we absolutely mean the complete opposite. If we start a sentence with “you know what I think is funny?” there’s a 99% chance we didn’t find it funny and you’re about to get in trouble for something that happened on the 10th of August 2014. Generally speaking, girls are blame shifters and fault avoiders. We’re so unbelievably clever at making something seem like the fault of someone else that we’ll even start believing our own irrational thinking. Many of my irrational thoughts are based around #firstworldbeautyproblems, such as: ‘if this fake tan came out evenly I’d look like Jesinta Campbell in that beach shoot too’ or ‘if it was my full time job to look good in a bikini I would probably have Jennifer Hawkins‘ body easily’ and ‘if I had a personal chef like Miranda Kerr I’d eat as well as she does as well’. Along with my tanning/body/eating goals, another thing that isn’t my fault is how I haven’t found the perfect nude lipstick yet, therefore have never posed for a Kylie Jenner-esque lip selfies. I have more nude lipsticks than I can count yet unfortunately, I can’t really wear any of them (again, not my fault) as they are not the perfect nude for me. Thankfully, a little shop called The Lip Lab opened up on Oxford Street, Paddington that were willing to assist in creating the perfect nude shade, leaving me fresh out of excuses.

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Opening at the end of 2015, The Lip Lab offers the chance to custom create your own lipstick colours or gloss. You make an appointment and chat through your options with one of the gorgeous consultants – option one being to choose your base: creme, matte, sheer, vegan or gloss? Then, what colour are you going for? If you’re going for the perfect nude (like I did), what kind of skin tone do you have and what kind of colours does it throw? Option three is to choose your favour: would you like vanilla to remind you of lip balms past or do you want pink champagne to smell like a party? Then, why not add something, like a lip plumper, antioxidant or SPF? Now while that’s all being done, do you want to have a look at a liner and matching polish, because you’re a true example of polished high maintenance?


If I ever want to look into the face of polished high maintenance, a mirror is never far away at the Lip Lab, as you’ll have to keep checking if your lipstick colours suit! It took 5 attempts to find my perfect nude – beginning with nude and wineberry that came out much too purple; I asked ‘why is this purple and not a light nude?’ to which I was completely shut up when pink was added to the lightened mix that looked absolutely ridiculous on me. I looked sick, so I sheepishly asked for this to be darkened up again, but away from the purple lips and back towards peachy lips. Mahogany and brown pigment was added lightly at first yet then heavily towards my final shade, which also contains SPF and a vanilla scent. Basically, I found my exact natural lip colour, which when I write it seems completely and utterly ridiculous to take an hour to make a lipstick that is the exact colour of what my lips already are, yet they certainly don’t look and feel as moisturised and even as when I’m wearing the perfect nude shade of ‘The Nicola’. The mixture is put in a tub, mixed in a machine, taken out and heated then mixed up again, before being placed in a mould to set and cool down. Then, the mould is opened to reveal your shade waiting to be packaged and named. Finally – the search for the perfect nude for me is over (and it only took me making an exact replica of my lips – but I PROMISE it’s awesome). As a fun tip that will help you when searching for your perfect nude, you’re looking for MLBB (my lips but better) so basically your own lip colour but just that slight bit better. Simple.

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Then, I was all in the mood. I had such success in creating ‘The Nicola’ (and of course by success, I mean that I instructed the lovely Andrea that ‘I think it’s too pink’ or ‘is that brownish?’ enough that she was able to read my mind and work it out) that I had to try my luck at a fun gloss. I wanted a pink champagne smelling, pinky peachy looking gloss that would make people say ‘wow where did you get that gloss?’ just so I could answer that I designed it, because I’m shallow like that. The gloss process isn’t as complicated as the lipstick process, it doesn’t need to set. I’m pretty sure I’ve just created a colour that will be trending for #2016 – the ‘Pinky Peach’.

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Why I think The Lip Lab is a great concept, is it’s a fun activity for a bunch of girls, it’s a fun gift for that annoying friend that can’t find anything to suit or it’s a beautiful idea for a bride to find that perfect matching shade before her big day. If you’re in Sydney, make sure you book your consult, put aside $45 for a lipstick or $25 for your gloss and walk out onto Oxford street with that spring in your step that says to the world ‘I just nailed my own custom colour’. And if it doesn’t suit – the blame is solely on us, as we are entirely responsible for designing the look and feel of our lipsticks. Zero blame shifting or fault avoiding here – only gloating, bragging and pouting. Luckily, three things girls also seem to do quite well. How confusing we are!

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