I wish I looked cool in the shower!

July 9, 2015 by nicola - No Comments

First World Beauty Problem: Shower Caps

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They’re ugly, but we all wear them. We get laughed at and we quickly take them off when someone catches a glimpse. How else do you have a shower without ruining your GHD curls that took you the better part of an hour? How else do you keep your hair from frizzing when you jump in for your boiling hot shower in the morning to warm up? What else do you use when you can’t be bothered washing your hair yet recognise that you need to wash your body? You wear a shower cap – waterproof, elastic band at the bottom and a big puff at the top that makes you resemble a tea pot or your Nan. I’ve seen ‘funky’ shower caps for sale, but they’re still shower caps. And you still look exactly the same, just with a ‘funky’ print. I’ve been asked by friends “do you know what else you can wear in the shower that isn’t so daggy” or “how can I look cool wearing a shower cap?” and I respond by firstly telling them to get over themselves and then, that the answer is Louvelle luxury shower wear.


I couldn’t be happier that Louvelle were clever enough to fill the gap in the market for fashionable shower wear, which may a gap you didn’t realised existed until now. These pretty, printed turbans are made from a silky stretch quick-dry fabric with a lightweight waterproof lining that looks so sophisticated and chic I would consider wearing it out of the house. And by consider, I mean I absolutely would, because they’re awesome. Awesome enough, that I would wear this when trying to look super-chic at a pool or on a boat (obviously, I do that all the time) because if I had a dollar for every time I have said ‘oh no I don’t want to get my hair wet’, I’d have more than enough to buy you all Louvelle showerwear.

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You put the cap on front to back (like you would a swimming cap or normal daggy shower cap) and tuck all your hair inside, instantly feeling glam like Sophia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor (minus the jewels). It protects your blow dry, it protects from frizz and it protects your image from anyone believing that you’re anything other than absolutely fabulous. The fabric is mildew resistant (but still probably best to hang up to dry!) and one size fits all – even my ridiculously long high maintenance hair fits with ease. It’s also a wonderful solution for holding your hair back while removing or applying make up – it won’t leave any creases across your forehead like your old annoying shower cap and it won’t let your hair fall in the basin when you’re splashing your face with water like when you wear a headband (which for those of you with long hair like me, is one of the most annoying things ever).

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I had to ask Simone, the clever mastermind behind Louvlle luxury showerwear, how she came up with this fabulous solution to the daggy shower cap. As a busy Mum like many women, Simone wore shower caps to preserve that blow dry but felt like an old maid wearing one. Inspired by the timeless nature of headscarves and turbans, Simone decided to come up with an alternative that meant she didn’t have to hide in the bathroom anymore. Simone said “I created Louvelle luxury showerwear after being in the bathroom with my husband and laughing at how daggy bonnet shower caps are. They are one of the most embarrassing items a girl has to wear but they are such a necessity to make the blow-dry last – who has time to shampoo and blow-dry every day?! I thought there has to be a shower cap that can look as chic as everything else in a girl’s wardrobe and when I couldn’t find one I decided to create Louvelle drawing on the glamorous turban styles of the 60s and 70s” – and I’m so happy she did! I’m crossing my fingers she can make me a matching dressing gown or chic travel face-washer, as the rest of my ‘bathroom attire’ is now really not looking up to scratch. For now, Simone said: “I’m focussing on the shower caps as it’s such an innovation and I want to get it out as far and wide to women around the world as possible before launching new products. I’m a perfectionist so I will only do something if it’s truly fabulous” – which leaves me with much hope. Available exclusively online, you can get your own luxury showerwear (or the perfect gift for someone who has everything) here, and you can thank me for the suggestion and subsequent compliments here.