It’s too cold to fake tan in winter!

July 7, 2016 by nicola - No Comments

As a dedicated fake-tanner, you won’t find me with my natural skin colour too often and if you do, I’m either unwell or am so comfortable around you I’m probably not wearing a bra either. I certainly have my favourite fake tan products (Bondi Sands stole my heart years ago) and also tan solutions I’ve tried to combat like ruining your sheets and getting tan off everything you touch, and not having fake tanned hands, but one problem kept bugging me: what do I do if I’ve tanned, it’s cold and I don’t want to ruin my pjs? I am absolutely in love with my pjs, as I only wear Sant and Abel and they are too precious to ruin; especially now that the Kardashians wear them. Thankfully, there is a solution! I get to be tanned, cosy and my Sant and Abel pjs stay in perfect condition! Must remember to tell Chrissy Teigen about it so she won’t have the below problem she posted on Snapchat!


It’s called The Tansie and it’s one of the clever options from Spray Tan Wear Tanning Apparel. It’s the easiest thing to slip on with a wide leg cut and zip up the front that won’t ruin your tan underneath. It’s got a hood and pockets if you’re running from a spray tan appointment and it’s raining, but I can’t say I’ve been caught out like that and nor would it be the most attractive sight as a 5″11 lanky girl. Yet I have worn it to bed and used the hood to not get the tan on my pillow and pockets for emergency tissues because I’m battling the same winter cold everyone seems to have and can’t be without a tissue for more than 2 minutes.


I must say, I had the most sound, cosy sleep and woke up without fake-tanned sheets (my usual kind of sheets) and a perfect colour underneath. Going to the bathroom was a chilly few minutes, as with any romper you’re obviously exposed to say the least and tend to have that little panic that if someone opened the door you couldn’t possibly be more naked. Yet if a nervy naked bathroom stop is the price to pay for a snug winter tanning option then I’ll happily take it.


Spray Tan Wear also offer a range of kaftans (not intentionally a pun, but brilliant if it is) for that fashionable spray-tan-run to the car, that would have to go down as one of the most uncomfortable runs one can do. You want to hurry, because you’ll die if you see someone but you can’t hurry too much because you’re not wearing a bra, so it’s effectively an awkward power-walk trying not to trip in your thongs, praying there’s no wind and with one arm holding your boobs and another your bag. If anyone invents a solution for that walk, please email immediately. For now, I’m sleeping soundly this winter and waking up looking like it’s summer.