My hips don’t lie

June 27, 2016 by nicola - No Comments

The minute I left DermoClear Bondi Junction, I called my Mum. “Well what did they say when they read your notes from last time you were in?” she asked. I said “the girl was lovely, but when she read my notes she did chuckle, as it said ‘CLIENT WAS EXTREMELY VOCAL ABOUT EXPERIENCING PAIN AND DISCOMFORT YET WAS CHATTING AND LAUGHING THROUGHOUT'”. “That would be right” said Mum, “typical drama queen”.


Sure, my Mum is annoyingly right again, as I have been proven yet again to be a drama queen. Six months ago, I tested SculpSure, the non-invasive, clinically proven hyperthermic laser treatment designed to reduce fat by disrupting fat cells. Or as I just say ‘I had my fat lasered’. I’ve spoken before about how it all works here, and was even vocal in that post about the pain I felt during the treatment. Now when I say pain, I must disclose that I have one of the lowest pain thresholds possible for a grown adult. I use numbing cream when having laser hair removal, I put a bandaid on when I bite a cuticle too far and when I got my ears pierced as a child, the chemist on duty told my Aunty Louise to ‘go interstate when this one has children’. Other friends that experienced SculpSure didn’t find the initial procedure anywhere near as painful as I did, yet found some slight discomfort following the treatment, where as I thought I had been to hell and back so didn’t feel a thing afterwards.

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From there, you’re supposed to see results in 6-8 weeks. That seemed like a long time and I worried if I’d even care by then if it worked. Then as that time passed, I worried that it hadn’t worked. I couldn’t overly say ‘OMG I LOOK AMAZING’ and I didn’t have people stopping me in the street, which is generally the reaction I enjoy. Then another two months passed of normal exercise, normal eating patterns (and in the spirit of full disclosure, I haven’t met a carb I haven’t liked) and nothing out of the ordinary routine to say that a reduction could be due to anything other than fat laser. Then, I saw an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Kris Jenner appeared to be having the treatment while talking to her supermodel daughter Kendall, who apparently doesn’t have to worry about it just yet. I saw it pop up on Kyle Richards’ (from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) Instagram page and thought ‘hang on I had that too! I better check if it worked if they all swear by it!’.

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So I booked in for my follow-up appointment a mere 4 months later than I should have. I also assumed that if it worked, it should last another few months after it claims to show results anyway, so I was just putting it to the test. I strolled in and said I wasn’t sure if it had worked, I’d love to see the numbers and photos to check if there was a difference and apologised in advance if nothing happened as I had written about it on the site and felt terrible about having to say something negative. Then, something amazing happened. I found out that I had measured in at 34 inches prior to the treatment and now measured in at 31 inches. 3 inches GONE. And it was clear from the photos that there had been a change! To think I thought I was looking OK back then!


In true drama queen fashion, I was high-fiving everyone in sight and gasping at how amazing the results were. The team at DermoClear were so lovely and didn’t even hold a grudge about me being such a drama queen all those months ago, thank goodness. I felt awful for saying how badly it hurt, as just like new mothers say the pain goes away the minute your baby is in your arms, I completely forgot about my fat laser pain when I realised I was thinner (because priorities). This drama queen finally understands Shakira’s lyrics, because my hips certainly don’t lie either.