January 20, 2015 by nicola - No Comments

TV Make Up isn’t like real-life make up. It’s kind of like the difference between cocktail attire and casual clothes. You certainly wouldn’t wear casual clothes to a cocktail event and likewise, you wouldn’t wear a cocktail dress to brunch (unless you’re a bit loooooose). For your normal day-to-day make up, you might focus on clean, dewy skin, pretty lashes and glossy lips. On screen (or even at a cocktail event) you have to think about a powder finish (so you don’t look all sweaty), opening up your eyes (because you’re tired, obviously), blending in some features and picking a focal point.

Seems like a lot to think about? Not at all – I manage to do it in under 10 minutes every morning and so can you. In this episode of First World Beauty Problems TV Series One: A Day in the Life of Solving First World Beauty Problems, I’ve finally arrived at work and am getting my face ready for the first cross. There are no make up artists at the airport, so this is the process I go through each and every morning to look like the rest of the team.

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