Would you prefer a breast implant or condom on your face?

February 15, 2017 by nicola - No Comments

Settle down, it’s not as bad as it seems.


Beauty bloggers and more specifically vloggers (“HI! Welcome back to my channel!!”) act as one of the best sources of realistic beauty advice. They literally let you in their bathroom and bedrooms and tell you exactly, step by step, what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. They’ll even explain why they like a particular method or brush or product for whatever reason, which can sometimes be as simple as “I just like how this one goes on” and that can be enough. They literally build empires in their spare time, by doing things most of you also do daily sans camera, lighting and skinny tea/protein shake sponsors. They bring a technique, trick or beauty secret out of the makeup artist’s bag and onto your screen, sometimes that improves your life and other times, that filled the time on public transport when getting to work.


One product I’ve seen circulating the beauty depths of Instagram and couldn’t wait to get my hands on, happens to resemble a silicone breast implant. While I’m pretty happy with my cup size, silicone implants would probably be put to better use on my face. It might sound silly, but SiliSponge from Molly Cosmetics is making an absolute killing putting those boobs in people’s faces. Being hailed as the beautyblender killer, the SiliSponge is a silicone filled cushion, covered with a flexible plastic (thermoplastic polyurethane for those playing at home) that’s resistant to oil and grease. So, the idea is that when applying your foundation, you waste much less than with a sponge (or even your hands) as the product doesn’t soak in. Or of course, you don’t have the gross cleaning post-use, just a simple rinse under water. It’ll last as long as the outer plastic can hold, similar to a breast implant but without the ’10-year checkup surgery’ catch. Some beauty vlogging stars (Jeffree Star to be exact) are happy with the results, yet some are taking matters into their own hands.


So as beauty bloggers do for us and the greater good, we’re now seeing ‘DIY’ versions of this hitting the scrolls with one in particular going viral, Miss Laila Tahli. I dare ask what made the first beauty blogger think ‘I remember that time I had a condom in my face and it felt so smooth’ to lead her to stuffing her beautyblender inside a condom before applying foundation, but who are we to judge? So I won’t, but I will say if you’re struggling to get your hands on a SiliSponge, there is an option for you, and one that certainly won’t result in pregnancy. And according to Laila and Beauty Vixxen (spelling as per You Tube – I had no idea I’d been spelling vixen wrong all these years) the latex results are flawless. The girls have ‘washed’ the condoms before using them on their faces (minds out of the gutter, please) just in case there’s anything on there that could be harmful to their skin. Which is actually as responsible as having those condoms in the first place. #staysafe


Luckily for me, I have a SiliSponge so there is no need to try the DIY method. You will certainly use less product but it doesn’t leave a flawless application, so you’ll still need to blend with a sponge or your hands after, yet without the wastage of using more foundation. For that expensive foundation we all own or for blending a few colours because you accidentally fake tanned your body too much, the SiliSponge is great. For getting ready in a hurry or quickly slapping a face on, it’s an extra step you probably don’t need. And when it comes to foreign objects in your face, it pays to do your research.