You’ll spend as much money on makeup as you can to buy a house

May 10, 2017 by nicola - No Comments

You may have heard the hilariously shallow comment that ‘women like their money where they can see it – in their closet’ before, yet I’ve always thought mine is sitting in various draws, toiletry bags and bathroom cabinets. No, not in safe deposit boxes (soz Mum) but in the form of makeup, skincare and hair products. It should have come as a massive surprise to me that in a woman’s life, she will spend over $200,000 on makeup. Shamefully, I thought of all the ‘just because’ gifts I’d bought myself considered $200,000 over my lifetime a steal. A survey from averages spend to $8 worth of product on our faces per day, adding to $250 per month, bringing the grand total to enough to buy a house.

As sickening as that is to read, I’ve found the best way forward to just accept money is going to be spent on makeup and skincare and try to make savings where possible. And if you try really hard, maybe you’ll only be wearing a small one bedroom apartment with no natural light on your face.



1. Become a member

I know it’s almost second nature to say ‘no thank-you’ before the attendant has even finished asking if you’d like to join a loyalty club or subscribe, but the one place you can clean up as a member is in the world of beauty. The reason? Samples. Samples make the world go round. Subscribing to your favourite sites and joining the Beauty Loop for Mecca or the Beauty Pass for Sephora or the Sister Club for Priceline, you get notified of releases, sales and earn rewards towards more discounts, samples and products. I also subscribe to beauty sites like Strawberry Net and get told when discounts of up to 75% pop up.

As a side note – I know subscribing can be annoying and emails can be a punish. So create another email account that can be for email marketing or as I like to call it, ‘the shopping email’. When you’re feeling savvy you can filter through the sales and notifications (careful not to miss anything!) and when you’re not in the mood, you can just continue your real life with family and friends and direct email.

2. Promo codes

Promo codes are basically digital coupons that you can find online if it’s been offered before. You know when you’re about to check-out from purchasing an array of products you maybe shouldn’t and at the bottom of the screen there will be a box asking for your code? That’s a promo code spot and that means the promo code has existed before. So take two seconds and go find it!

Type the brand you’re looking at into Google or Bing, then type ‘Discount Codes’ or ‘Promo Codes’ after it. Your search results will show up various coupon sites that will have codes available, so garb the codes and enter them into your check-out and see if you’ve bagged a discount! Way easier than holding onto receipts and stickers.

3. Gift bag time

I wouldn’t say I’m proud to admit this, yet there have been times when the ‘gift with purchase’ has been one of the main reasons to purchase in the first place. Yet in my defence, that is because sometimes the gift is awesome and so worth – gift packs, Mother’s Day packs, Christmas packs all have really good value for money if you’re going to use all the products in question. Sure, you may not actually use the moisturiser that comes with the perfume because it makes the scent last longer (fallen for that many times) but you might use the skincare pack, or the eye palette that comes with brushes and the list goes on. Keep your eyes on gift packs. Fun Fact: you don’t even have to be a mother to buy a Mother’s Day gift set. Once the packaging is open, it’s our little secret.

4. Find products that do more than one thing

In an effort to not only save money but to declutter, finding products that have more than one use is a brilliant trick. What I thought was a secret of mine has now become not-so-secret, is choosing a foundation that includes a serum or a little something extra. The brand ‘Bourjois’ used to be made in the same factory as Chanel, yet can be found at Priceline for a fraction of the price. It has since moved hands, yet the formula stays the same which includes a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula which I swear, reminds me of Chanel’s Vitalumiere without the price tag.


Lip tint and cheek tint/blush can pretty much be the same thing if you think about it – it’s just a stain! I adore the lip and cheek tint from Bobbi Brown which lasts ages. I’ll be searching for promo codes galore when I have to buy that one again, yet I don’t think that’ll be for a while.


5. Seek out the beauty hacks

Beauty hacks make the world go round and can save you time, effort and money. Coconut oil as body wash or moisturiser?! Amazing – cheap, available at the supermarket and works wonders on your skin. Nivea for Men Post Shaving Balm as a primer?! Yep, thanks to them both including glycerin which is light, absorbs quickly and helps make up stay on. Even videos on how to stick your product back together after a smash if helpful rather than heading to MAC in tears and shelling out more cash for a new one. These beauty hacks are everywhere – keep your eyes open for stories shared on Facebook, keep your ears to the ground when you may hear someone on the bus slagging off self-centred beauty girls and their savvy tips (a massive win) and pay attention to the beauty section of magazines and sites – they always share quick and easy beauty hacks and 9 times out of 10, they’ll save you money.